Making South African Homes More Environmentally Sustainable

Sustainable Home Design

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Updated 20th April 2008 - nearly every section has new information

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This website contains summary information and links to products and services that you can use to make everything in and around your home more environmentally sustainable and energy efficient.

It is put together after extensive research around all the things that need to be done to make a home sustainable, and is presented in the hope that people implement these changes and thus bring down their energy use and footprint in their homes. It is purely for informational purposes, with no commercial gain to the site creator.

For more detailed information around the topics on the site, please read the information in the Further Reading section of each Topic. There is also a General Further Reading section with links to international and local information sources. Make sure you also look at Other Links for information on related topics such as what corporates can do around sustainability, and issues such as fair trade products etc.

Most of the items presented are available in South Africa (although the information and many links in this site is pertinent to most countries), and typically installable by South African builders. Unfortunately the products, materials and the range of experience offered overseas are much more advanced than those found in South Africa. As such, building a house in South Africa to US, Swedish or German standards is unrealistic. However, building or retrofitting according to the products and expertise available in South Africa will go a long way to making your home more environmentally friendly.

It is important to realise that you will very often not make any financial savings in the short term by implementing these solutions. What you will be doing, however, is helping reduce the consumption of valuable and increasingly scarce natural resources. You will also be reducing your carbon footprint.