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Solar Geysers

These are hot water geysers that use the sun to heat up rows of thin pipes on your roof. Although this may sound troublesome, these devices are used extensively in Australia, New Zealand, the US, South America, the Far East etc – everywhere there is lots of sun. Apart from South Africa, where for some reason the aren't bought in droves like elsewhere. There are various suppliers in SA (local and overseas products). They will save you about 50% of your electricity bill, supply piping hot water year round 24X7, and only cost about double what a normal geyser costs.

Local suppliers:

Geyser Blankets

Install a geyser blanket – basically insulation designed for a geyser. This will half your electricity costs for your geyser by about half, and only cost a few hundred Rand to purchase and have installed. Different ones are available from hardware stores and specialist suppliers. Once you have installed a blanket, you can also turn the thermostat down to 60 deg Celsius.

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In addition to a geyser blanket, add a timer to your geyser, and set it to switch the geyser off in low usage periods, even if for a couple of hours a few times a day. This will have to be done by an electrician

Gas Geysers

These heat water on demand. You may be used to seeing them in country cottages in South Africa, but they are actually common throughout Europe. As the geyser is not being warmed all the time, they save on resources. As there is very little piped gas in South Africa, you will have to use gas cylinders.

Some suppliers are:

Mini Electric Geysers

Similar to gas geysers, but powered by electricity. They are available in many sizes – small ones to fit under sinks, larger ones for bathrooms.

Some suppliers: